Get a sneaky preview of not yet published games made in Austria!

Early prototypes, rough diamonds, experimental versions or market-ready games? Digital, analog, hybrid? On smartphone, PC, console, Virtual Reality, Real Reality or crazy homemade game device? You’ll never know! Which game(s) can be tested remains a surprise until the SNEAK GAMING session starts.

SNEAK GAMING Online Sessions: We are meeting in virtual space via Zoom and Discord.

SNEAK GAMING in real life: Always at 18:00 before the SUBOTRON “pro games” talk @ Museumsquartier Wien

Admission is free! Just come, play, watch, feedback, exchange and be amazed!

The next dates are always announced on this website, at and via Social Media @subotron & @appliedgames.


Heeeey! Hey you!

You have a game in the very corner of your drawer that you never dared to show? You’ve have recently finished a game and can’t stop showing it around? You created a freaky experimental gaming experience that just needs to go public? You have a shy prototype that dreams of being a real game one day? You require feedback on your latest game project?

Bring your games SNEAK GAMING!

SNEAK GAMING is open to all game projects made in Austria – digital, analogue and hybrid.

Participation is free. Don’t be shy.



Online Session | December 10th 2020, 4 – 10pm (UTC+1)

The current pandemic developments still do not allow us to mingle in the real space and we had to cancel the mini-PLAY AUSTRIA end of November. Nevertheless, we still thought of a format to exhibit a wide range of games made in Austria by studios, students and hobbyists in the very special year 2020: SNEAK GAMING XL

SNEAK GAMING XL invites you to watch short presentations of game ideas, prototypes, early builds, market-ready and published games. The presentations take place in Zoom, each followed by a Q&A session.

Login to Zoom from 4pm:

Meeting-ID: 82256559850
Password: sneakyXL

On top, both text- and voice-channels of participating games will be available on the brandnew SUBOTRON discord server for further networking and ama-actions throughout the whole session and remain on the server for sustainable exchange with the community. 

Where is the schedule? In the spirit of our SNEAK GAMING concept, we will not reveal which games will be presented until the day of the event. But we will release a sneaky timetable with some hints for you in the week before SNEAK GAMING XL. Stay tuned.

Extra Level!

Our friends from the  FM4 Spielekammerlshow will handpick five of the participating games, play them and chat with the devs live on their Twitch channel 7-9 pm!

You have a game project made in Austria? Don’t hesitate and submit it to SNEAK GAMING XL until December 3rd 2020:

Check out the Google Calendar for all SUBOTRON events!

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