Get a sneaky preview of not yet published games made in Austria!

Early prototypes, rough diamonds, experimental versions or market-ready games? Digital, analog, hybrid? On smartphone, PC, console, Virtual Reality, Real Reality or crazy homemade game device? You’ll never know! Which game(s) can be tested remains a surprise until the SNEAK GAMING session starts.

SNEAK GAMING Online Sessions: We are meeting in virtual space via Zoom and Discord.

SNEAK GAMING in real life: Always at 18:00 before the SUBOTRON “pro games” talk @ Museumsquartier Wien

Admission is free! Just come, play, watch, feedback, exchange and be amazed!

The next dates are always announced on this website, at and via Social Media @subotron & @appliedgames.


Heeeey! Hey you!

You have a game in the very corner of your drawer that you never dared to show? You’ve have recently finished a game and can’t stop showing it around? You created a freaky experimental gaming experience that just needs to go public? You have a shy prototype that dreams of being a real game one day? You require feedback on your latest game project?

Bring your games SNEAK GAMING!

SNEAK GAMING is open to all game projects made in Austria – digital, analogue and hybrid.

Participation is free. Don’t be shy.


A new date will be announced soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

In the meantime:
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