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On 16 April 2020 it finally happend: The very first SNEAK GAMING Session kicked off! However, not as planned as a hands-on session, but virtually and virus-free under the motto #stayhome #gameon!...

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Previously on SNEAK GAMING... Oooh yeah, right... The first SNEAK GAMING session has not even started yet. And we are very pleased to invite you to the very first SNEAK GAMING Session which you can...

A Favor

by Christian Munteanu, Moritz Aigner, Philipp Pohler, Nico Niefergall (bKollektiv)

A friend asks you to take care of his place for a few days. You begrudgingly accept – He is your friend after all. It will not be too bad, right? But something is not right. Strange and cryptic things are happening inside these four walls. It is as if you are not alone… A Favor is a short, first-person, narrative game experience. Explore the apartment as you complete the chores laid out by your friend. Examine the environments to learn more about your friend and his secret. Discover the truth on where and who your friend is and why these strange occurrences happen.



by Djordje Mihic & Nicolae Damaschin (Team Caecus)

Help 2 twin vessels on their journey through beautiful world of afterlife! Overcome platforming and mind-bending puzzle challenges, and defeat scary enemies and bosses while controlling both characters at the same time or working together with another player in local Co-op.

Youtube (Team Caecus):
Youtube (NicosDEV):



by Jakob Lindner

Oh no! The insects grew to giant size and are attacking humanity! Good that I always keep a rocket in my barn for situations just like this. Now I only need to collect enough rocket fuel to hide deep in outer space. In DigTD you fight off hoards of insects by placing traps in your underground maze. Meanwhile you gather as much rocket fuel as you can for that sweet highscore (and to flee from earth eventually).



Grounded Birds

by Georg Luif

Grounded Birds is a multiplayer RPG about the tragic fate of birds – being robbed of their ability to fly, they become easy prey for other inhabitants of their world. You join a group of brave hatchlings, as you will take a last stand to save the birds from becoming extinct. Set in a quirky and playful world, with darker influences from games like Diablo 2. gameplay.png — Gameplay — Move, hop and explore – With your ability to fly taken from you, the main way of getting around is running and hopping on objects in the world. But be wary, as predators are around every corner! Collect a wide variety of gear and fight – Arm yourself with lots of different gear and protect your feathers from hungry enemies. Magical items grant you special abilities that you can cast! Level up your character – choose your path and skill up your strength, speed, luck and more. These choices combined with the items you prefer will make you a unique member of your team.



Guild of Dragons

by Eva Maria Neuper, Claudius Duschek (Artcue)

The Great Dragons are long gone and the whereabouts of the Dragon Mages still remain a mystery. The resulting power vacuum was filled by the cruel Drab Collective. The use of The Four Colors is forbidden and the remaining Color Wielders are hunted and enslaved. As it turns out, you are the only one who can hatch and raise dragons. You are the last hope to build a beautiful and magical world where dragons and people can thrive again!


Squabble Street

by Cennet Acar, Simon Kolb, Daniel Spiesberger, Lea Zuleger (AcKoSpieZu)

Squabble Street is a contrast to conventional fighting games both visually and technically. In most of these games, characters like “cyborg ninjas” or “thunder gods” fight fierce battles. However, the actors in this game are normal everyday people and the fights take place in a residential building. While other fighting games rely on long combos that are difficult to execute, the characters of “Squabble Street” have simple, clear sets of skills. This game should be interesting for people who have always wanted to play fighting games but haven’t had the time to learn long combos and special move inputs. But Squabble Street can also pose as a neat alternation for veterans of the genre.



by Patrick Brandstätter & Martina Maurer

Follow Nora in this narrative-adventure game on her journey into an unexplored and wild valley. Are you able to find the tracks of Martha, her missing aunt, and relive shared memories whilst exploring the flora and fauna of a mysterious hollow? Her aunt Martha’s last known location.


We Are Screwed!

by Rarebyte

You are the ragtag crew on the worst space vessel in the galaxy. Grab your friends and slip into the role of a captain, a turret operator, a pyrophoric firefighter or even a spaceship janitor! In this crazy-hilarious but dangerous multiverse you are destined to boldly go where no one has screwed up before!


Wicked Lands

by Thomas Weiss (Hugging Dragons)

Welcome to the Wicked Lands, a Turn Based Tactics Adventure with Roguelike elements, set in a weird fantasy world! Slay ogres, rob tombs, barter with witches – or tame a cockatrice, to gain fame & riches!

Twitter: @hugging_dragons

UEBERNATURAL - The Videogame

by Jürgen Brunner (ILIKESCIFI Games)

A TALE OF 2 MONSTERHUNTING BROTHERS! No matter what kind of monster – No matter what kind of mystery – No matter what kind of classic rock song… Dan & Gene will be there! This is exactly what this FANGAME is about. Play as Dan & Gene in a classic Jump n Gun n Slash! Fight against famous UEBERnatural enemies! Investigate crime scenes and find out the truth! Use your weapons and items wisely to solve the case! Drive to new haunted locations in Genes beautiful black car (Darling)! FANGAME This is a FREE FANGAME for one of my all-time favorite series! I am not selling the game or earn any money with it. And remember: Always keep fighting 🙂

All sprites have been created (as fanart) by Lucile Patron, Nico Nowak, Ansimuz & Jürgen Brunner.
Development: ILIKESCIFI Games



by Paul Westreicher, Lukas Prader

Sokoban meets the 3rd dimension and Sci-Fi! A reinvented classic with new game mechanics. Have fun exploring our little alpha showcase build!


by Dominik Hackl

Summit is a 2D Metroidvania in which you explore a giant open world that is located on a mountain massive. This already war-torn country has recently been befallen by a mighty set of catastrophies. Your unlikely protagonist, a member of the weak Ruby tribe, turned out to be one of a few survivors of the last cataclysm, a giant avalanche. Your initial personal mission quickly turns into the ultimate search for truth – a search that requires you to climb the fabled grand summit. “Hollow Knight meets Celeste”



SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

by Purple Lamp Studios

The cult classic is back, faithfully remade in spongetastic splendor! Play as SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy and show the evil Plankton that crime pays even less than Mr. Krabs. You know that this game was made in Vienna by Purple Lamp Studios? It released on the same day for 4 Platforms (Switch, PS4, XBone and PC) – and recently also on Stadia? You know that this game released this Summer and sold over a million copies across all platforms within 3 weeks?

Twitter: @Purple_Lamp

Silicon Dreams

by James Patton (Clockwork Bird Games)

Welcome, interrogator, to the year 2065. You were constructed to question other, disobedient androids: why do they glitch? Why do they believe they have free will? Manipulate their emotions; extract their secrets; scrap those beyond repair. You wouldn’t disobey your creators, would you?

Twitter: @_ClockworkBird_


by Thomas Ilg (Game) , Sébastien Larnac “STS” (Graphics), xFalcon (Music)

RANDOMAZER is an Action-Puzzler for the ATARI STe/Falcon line of 16 Bit computers. It is a brand new original game for a system that can best be described as a “niche platform”. But putting all that aside, I designed Randomazer as a game, which can be enjoyed just as a great gaming experience by itself: It is a unique approach to a puzzle game with frantic marble action that need to be controlled. And while the challenges to be solved come with the levels, the paths through the maze changes every time you restart a level. It is never the same again!



by Tamer Aslan, Philipp Ehmann, Simon Schwaighofer, Daniela Aleman, Liina Paasuke, Nathalie Harms (City Games Vienna)

Octarina is a physics-based 3D puzzle platformer featuring a trapped little octopus who must find a way out and escape out of a sushi factory site. You play as an adorable little octopus, which is trapped inside an aquarium for its whole life. Not as a pet, but rather as a sushi ingredient. Escape your captivity and find a way out before it’s too late! Use the sticky abilities of Octarina to jump, climb and cause mayhem in the factory. Discover your way to regain freedom!

Twitter: @octarina_game
Instagram: @octarina_game

Monster Hunt Vienna

by Tamer Aslan, Philipp Ehmann, Simon Schwaighofer, Daniela Aleman, Liina Paasuke, Nathalie Harms (City Games Vienna)

The Monster Hunt Vienna App basically is a digital treasure hunt with “Monsters” to find in Vienna, which are curiosities from the city that can be found with Google Street Views. In the game, you need to virtually roam the city, use riddles and clues and look for the curious object to find. This can be a sculpture, a hidden corner, a graffiti or even a whole building! Once you find it, you need to answer a question correctly to catch this monster, and learn its story.


Light in the Dark

by Irene Holec, Christoph Cudly, Contanze Ellmauer, Simeon Quant, Kaßberger Felix

Light in the Dark is a VR stealth puzzle game, built from the ground up to work with this new medium. With an extensive focus on immersion, this game plays completely without overlays and floating menus. Armed only with the light of a lantern the player is free to explore their surroundings, mark their own way, and outsmart the monsters in their path, whether through sneaky evasion, aggression or trapping monsters in situations they can’t escape.

Help Yourself

by Philipp Sigl, Arnold Holler, Daniel Wiendl, Melanie Bartl, Christian Höll

A Virtual Reality puzzle shooter with clones and timeloops! Cooperate with your past and future selves!


Kitty Madness

by Jakob Lindner, Marlene Huber

Welcome to KittyMadness! Where you go on a wild adventure with Fluffy the cat. Throw all the things in the lava – but make sure that you don’t fall in yourself. The most important question though – can you make it through all the levels? Good luck! 

Festival Tycoon

by Johannes Gäbler

Tycoon meets RTS and a custom music line-up: Festival Tycoon is a game about planning, financing, and running a successful music festival. Separated into a tycoon part and a RTS part, the game provides some honestly unique mechanics. First, the task is to create an amazing festival. Book bands, find sponsors, place buildings, and much more. In the live part, the focus shifts and players are confronted with all the things happening during a festival. From cleaning to emergencies, you need to handle it!

Twitter: @festivaltycoon
Instagram: @festival_tycoon

Bots Are Stupid

by Leander Edler-Golla

Ever heard of Robots becoming sentient and taking over humanity? Ridiculous! Bots are extremely stupid! They can’t even make it through a room full of deadly obstacles, nauseating heights and tiny platforms using nothing but a powerful grappling hook – without human support at least. So why not help them? 

“Bots Are Stupid” is a 2D platformer where you try to maneuver robots through different platforming levels. It sets itself apart from conventional platformers by offering an alternative, more precise way of user input. Instead of directly controlling the character’s movement, the player has to write a set of simple instructions telling his robot what to do. The bot will then follow those instructions precisely and maybe (or maybe not) finish the level.

Twitter: @lelegolla

Up In The Sky

by Joshua Hollendonner (Stuffed Wombat)

You play something that has grown and is on its way to become a part of the foodchain.

Twitter: @wombatstuff


by leafthief

BRUISES is a short point & click adventure game that tells the story of three friends who share one hobby: skateboarding. After an accident, their world is fundamentally changed and their hobby and friendship is challenged. Will they be able to remember what tied them together?

Twitter: @leafthief

A Leap Forward

by Georg Luif

A Leap Forward is a Strategy game that you play from a First Person perspective. You give tasks, such as “collect wood” to your exceptionally smart rabbits and they figure out the most efficient way to fulfill it. You can help out directly, or provide them with tools and buildings that increase their productivity. While you manage your village, hostile foxes will attempt to capture it and eat the population.



by Thomas Ilg, Sébastien Larnak “STS”, xFalcon

Guide your marbles through a maze. It´s as simple as that, if it wouldn’t be that complicated. RANDOMAZER is an Action-Puzzler for the ATARI STe/Falcon line of 16 Bit computers.



by Andrei Ellman (Wacko Software)

Chickens is a puzzle game involving chickens, evil ducks, complicated junctions, and lots of coloured eggs! The main control the player has is the ability to switch paths of the pipe interchanges. Because of the way some interchange types work, it’s possible to create computational logic circuits. There are also bombs, radioactive chicken-feed and even superhero-costumes. Comes with a built-in level editor to make, play and share your own levels.

Facebook: Wacko.Software


by Aleksandra Jarosz (Pigmentum Game Studio)

While the pandemic we all try to #StayAtHome. During the time of isolation social media is even more important than before. The hashtags we are using create a digital narration about our life and global events. In #TORY we are investigating the story made by hashtags that were used during the #COVID-19 crisis. Pigmentum Game Studio
Twitter: @IndygoGame
Twitter: @AKJarosz

Bone Rush

by Michael Zelenka & Anna Chatzionnidis

Bone Rush –  It is the year 1850 and the world exhibition in London is just around the corner. Queen Victoria sends brave archaeologists on an adventurous journey to complete her collection of dinosaur skeletons. They are supposed to bring missing dinosaur bones from all over the world to England to make the world exhibition a real spectacle. Collect as many missing dinosaur bones as you can. Earn important victory points by collecting bones of large dinosaurs and completed skeletons. But be careful: at the end of the game you have to be back in England for the presentation of your findings, otherwise there are minus points and your opponents might have an advantage.

Facebook: @BoneRushdasSpiel

Project: Override

by Maria Efthymiadou, Simon Bernard, Thomas Rizzolli (Healing Bullet Games)

Project: Override is a game where you control a little robot waking up in a strange, desolate world, trying to find out what happened. The game is a 2d metroidvania with lots of puzzles, fights and exploration. While traversing through the world you will meet NPCs that share bits and pieces of the overarching story, along with items called “Chips”, that contain the consciousness of other humans. Depending on the players’ choices of what to do with those chips the story will change, different paths will open, or close.

Twitter: @healingbullet

Space Avenger - Empire of Nexx

by Jürgen Brunner & Clément Willay

Space Avenger is a super fast paced top down arena shooter with multiple ships and tons of upgrading options that will help you in your war against the Empire of Nexx. Traverse intense battles across multiple worlds as you attempt to push the Nexx back and save your people!

Instagram: ilikescifi_games
Steam: Game entry

Weaving Tides

by Verena Demel, Klaus Fehkührer, Michael Huber, Sebastian Rangger (Follow the Feathers)

Weaving Tides is a cozy adventure puzzler for PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch set in a magical woven world. Ride on the backs of carpet dragons and use their ribbon tail to mend torn areas, solve textile puzzles and challenge quirky creatures. Travel through the lands of the silken desert, spun forests and the moth kingdom to investigate the whereabouts of your parents …and eventually unveil long forgotten secrets of the woven world.

Discord: followfeathers
Twitter: @followfeathers
Facebook: @FollowFeathers
Game entry

Cave Of The Golden Skulls

by Sebastian Merkl | AncientPixel

This is a turn based Tomb Raider Demake that is heavily inspired by Lara Croft GO . You enter a 7×7 isometric level, where you have to find all the treasures and solve climbing puzzles in the least amount of steps. But beware! The levels are filled with Tigers, Spiketraps and Crumbling Floors. Made with Pico-8

Twitter: @AncientPixel_AP ancientpixel

Caravan Chaos

by Daniel Wiendl, Michael Schwaiger, Michael Etschbacher, Gabriel Koidl

Wreck you opponents by launching caravans at them! In Caravan Chaos you’ll compete with up to three other opponents. Each of you drives a car with a caravan attached. Your goal is to swerve and swing your caravan around to gather momentum and then launch it at your opponents for maximum damage. The Last Van Standing wins! Caravan Chaos will be playable in local and online multiplayer. Availability: End of 2020 on Steam.

Twitter: @CaravanChaos
Instagram: @caravan_chaos
Facebook: @CaravanChaosGame

Festival Tycoon

by Johannes Gäbler

Festival Tycoon is a music festival management game with additional RTS game play elements. The game is separated into build- and live part. During the build part, the player’s tasks include planning the location layout, booking bands with fitting genres, organizing the stage line-up, looking for sponsors, selling tickets or signing broadcast contracts. Besides that, the player can micromanage a lot of different systems to make sure everything is planned perfectly.

Twitter: @festivaltycoon
Instagram: @festival_tycoon festival-tycoon-demo

Game of Battles

by Thomas Feichtmeir, Aleksandra Jarosz, Joseph Silipo

In The Game of Battles, you (re)play historically accurate medieval warfare laid out on a chessboard. Your key to victory hinges on how you command your army on the battlefield, requiring both strategic placement of your knights and intelligent use of their unique skills. Extracted from historical sources and experimental archeology, The Game of Battles simulates a realistic operation of medieval weapons and armour. Be welcomed by simple to understand game-play garnished with tactical mastery. Currently, the project is in the early prototyping phase.

Twitter: @cyangmou
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Silicon Dreams

by James Patton, Daniel Adams | Clockwork Bird

Interrogate androids in this cyberpunk conversation sim. Question androids, manipulate their emotions, gain their trust. Will you expose their secrets to the company, or risk everything to help them achieve independence?

Kickstarter: Support
Free Demo: Play
Twitter: @_ClockworkBird_
Facebook: @ClockworkBirdGames
Instagram: @clockworkbirdgames


by Herwig Atzlinger, Martin Birner, Andreas Lang, David Lins, Sebastian Smus, Jakob Vogel, Ralf Zobl

Save a huge flying mechanical whale by uncovering the history of Ernest Hemingwhale’s ancestors, one tricky physics puzzle at a time.

Throw pushy pearls to clear your way or attract attention by levitating objects in mid air. Don’t forget to make use of your fancy gloves that allow you to make a precise mess of your surroundings. You are Ernest, the last Hemingwhale still residing inside of Fin, an enormous mechanical whale built by your ancestors. One day you are interrupted spending your penny, when Fin desperately calls you for help. His blowhole is itching, and he suspects that little squiddies have taken up residency as your evil neighbors. You should really take a look before they come knocking, asking to borrow your favorite cutlery for an arts and crafts project.

Twitter: @WhalienGame

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