Previously on SNEAK GAMING…

Oooh yeah, right… The first SNEAK GAMING session has not even started yet. And we are very pleased to invite you to the very first SNEAK GAMING Session which you can visit safely and virus-free from home via ZOOM!

April 16th 2020 | 19:00 – 22:00

Make yourself comfortable, plug in your headset & webcam, put some beer in the fridge and join us via
Password: SNEAKY
Meeting-ID: 479 853 413

In the meantime:

Check out the website of the Center for Applied Game Studies, meet the team and dig into further education, research and other opportunities in the field of Game Studies!

Surf on to see more upcoming events and browse through an amazing archive of past arcademy & pro games talks.

You are a developer and want to feature your game in one of the next SNEAK GAMING sessions? Awesome! Check out this page and get all the sneaky information you need!